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Ever since Nick Bollea was the driver in a horrible car crash in Clearwater on August 26, he and his family have said Nick was not speeding, and they've denounced street racing.

But the ABC Action News Investigators have obtained a DVD which might show a different side. The 2005 documentary is titled "Vehicular Lunatics". It was filmed at several Florida locations, including Saint Petersburg and Orlando. One "Extra" on the DVD is called "Street Racing With Linda Hogan.

At one point, Linda Bollea (Hogan) is seen alongside another car. Linda Bollea is driving a car identified as a Mercedes S600. Her daughter, Brooke is her passenger. Brooke says to the men in the adjacent car, "Wanna race?" One of the men replies, "Yeah! We love racing you! On three." Brooke replies, "Let's do this. Alright." Then Linda Bollea says "Let's kick it."

The cars take off, but their speeds are not known.

Nick Bollea and his father Terry Jean, better known from his wrestling days as Hulk Hogan, are also seen in the documentary.

Two years later, 17 year old Nick is charged with felony reckless driving after a crash leaves a friend in a coma, and after Nick was pulled over four times for speeding. At one point in the documentary, his mother was asked how she feels about street racing.

Her answer: "Oh, I love it. I love it. The rush, the speed on the road, stereo blasting, heart-pounding, racing in between all the cars, dodging the cops. It's awesome."

ABC Action News Investigative Reporter Matthew Schwartz interviewed the family in their home hours before Nick's arrest two weeks ago, and Linda Bollea denied making that remark when Matthew asked if she said it on the tape.
Mrs. Bollea says, "I never said that. I never would have said that."

The attorney for the mother of Nick Bollea's injured passenger, 22-year old John Graziano, a Marine from Dunedin, had previously said he's planning a civil suit against the Bolleas.

We showed the documentary "Vehicular Lunatics" to Tim Prugh. He's a civil attorney in Tampa who is not involved in the case. Prugh says the video could be damaging to the Bolleas, "Damaging enough where I would attempt to keep it out if I were defending the people that were representing Mr. Bollea. And if I represent the injured party, I want to get that into evidence to demonstrate that they were enthusiastic racers and it was in the family."

Meanwhile, John Graziano remains in critical condition, in a coma, at the James Haley V.A. Hospital in Tampa.

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