Tuesday, November 27, 2007


From the NY POST:

A furious John "Junior" Gotti blasted the New York Post this morning over yesterday's front-page story that law enforcement officials were hoping to nail him with five murders, claiming his life was now in jeopardy.

"My family lives in fear as a result of this. If I get one in the head does that makes it all better?" he said.

Gotti also took aim at the law enforcement officials who were gunning for him.

"I feel an agent in the FBI has put my family in harm's way," he said.

Earlier this morning in federal court in White Plains, a judge ruled that Gotti's financial records could not be turned over to the US Attorney's office in a separate probe into the beleaguered Mafioso business dealings.

Gotti, decked casually in a yellow sweater and jacket, was accompanied by his two lawyers for the 45-minute hearing.

US Attorney David Massey asked for the government to have access to Gotti's financial records that had been turned over to the fed's probation department to check against any irregularities.

The government claims that Gotti already owes $200,000 in back taxes, which Gotti denies.

Judge Stephan Robinson asked Massey if he knew of any irregularities in the probation report. Massey said no. The judge then denied the request.

He ruled that it was up to the probation department to probe whether Gotti's financial statements are truthful.

The defense has until Thursday to file with the court why Gotti doesn't owe the government any more in back taxes

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