Friday, February 22, 2008


From My Fox Orlando:OCALA, Fla. (AP) --

Police say an Ocala mother is facing charges after telling investigators she was -- quote -- "on strike" from taking care of her four boys.

She is out of jail on bond.

According to an Ocala Police Department report, Melissa G. Dean told investigators that she was leaving her children alone in her home because she wanted them to quit fighting with each other and to clean up.

According to the report, Dean told investigators that she had lost control of her children and could not get any help from the police or the court system. She's been charged with child neglect.

On Wednesday FOX 35 sent a reporter and photographer to the family's home for a story. When they got there Dean’s sons walked up to the news car when they pulled up and started swearing, and yelling out racial slurs three times the kids came back at the news crew. After the first time, the FOX 35 news crew called 911. The four kids then surrounded the FOX 35 news photographer. One of the kids stood behind him with a pipe in his hand while another kid threatened to hit him.

When police showed up they talked to some of the kids, who had scattered then took a report. A woman with the Department of Children and Families also showed up. We’re told the boys are staying with neighbors. No word on where the mother is after bonding out of jail.

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Sandy said...

I agree with your decision 150%!!! I have 2 boys that were out of control. I begged for help from the authorities and could get none. I was even told by police they couldn't help me find my 13 y/o when he ran away.I had to resort to drastic matters as well. We asked them to leave. One of my son's has mental health issues that if diagnosed early would probably had a better prognosis. He would have received treatment if we had been referred to the proper people. When your children are out of control and you get no support from the community, you have to do what you think is best for your own sanity.I think you did what you thought best. Seek out a NAMI affiliate in your area to get them to help you find the resources you might need. NAMI is The National Alliance of Mental Health and their website is Good luck to you!!!!!